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"As an artist, Fall teases me. Everywhere I go I see breathtaking landscapes. I just want to stop and paint them all."  - Leslie Vasquez

New! A separate website has been set up to showcase Leslie's fine art. Check it out at Click here.

Photo caption: Leslie's booth at Fine Art Festivals.

Gift Certificates are available for part or all of a painting if you'd like to give a pet portrait or painting to a friend to choose from.

                                            Photo caption:  Pet Portraits by Leslie Vasquez


To commission Leslie to paint a portrait, pet portrait, wildlife, landscape, mural, theatre set or other, simply contact the artist to check availablility and to discuss the details of the project. Decide the size and get a quote or see prices (left). Pay one third as a non-refundable deposit to secure a place on her calendar and sign the appropriate contract (see links to contracts on the left column of this page). Sign a model release form if applicable.


It’s that simple. Next Leslie will start. For portraits, Leslie will set up a photo shoot at your home or at a local park or you can provide photos (ask Leslie how to take good photos for her use if you are taking new ones yourself). Leslie will narrow her photos down to a few for your approval. Once a photo is chosen, Leslie can begin to paint but she usually has questions about the pet's personality so she can better capture it's unique self. If using other's photos, a photo release must be signed by the photographer and she prefers several photos if possible to help her capture the essence of your pet.


The next payment of one third is not due until the painting is almost complete. She will email or text a photo of the completed or near completed painting to you. Upon approval, she will either ship it to you or deliver it (whatever you’ve pre-arranged). When it arrives the last payment is due. 

Risk free: The first payment is not refundable but after that, if you decide not to keep the painting, you may opt out at any time. The cost of shipping or delivery is not refundable since those depend on outside sources.

 "Artists are just as important as doctors and nurses. People need nourishing of their souls as well as their bodies; in Navajo culture the 'medicine man' and artist are one and the same." ~ Marni California

To purchase a painting go to Click here. Or contact
Leslie directly to inquire about the availability of her paintings, or you can also commission her to paint your pet portrait or mural,

or hire her to speak or demonstrate art at your club or school, or hire her to be a living statue …

Call Leslie Vasquez on her cell phone 775-303-5844 or email or on Facebook (she's the one kayaking with her toddler) or Gmail.

"The pursuit of art on a regular basis may be the key to healing our minds and bodies." ~ Kim Blair

Photo caption: middle - The set of The Phantom Tollbooth, top right - one of her many mountain paintings, and bottom left - teaching watercolor to 4th graders in the classroom as part of the Arts Council's program. Leslie painted most of the set of Phantom Tollbooth herself. Artist (and storyteller) Elizabeth Gibson painted the castle on the right and helped paint the first coat on the floor which had to be repainted because someone left the sprinklers on so the first coat of paint was washed off. Leslie pulled an all-nighter to repaint it. This theatre can only be painted early mornings because from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. the sun beats down on it drying the paint instantly before brush can touch the walls. The walls stay too hot to paint on until the early evenings but then the actors show up to practice so no painting until 10 p.m. Suffice to say Leslie puts in some very late and very early hours. One early morning as the sun began to rise she felt someone watching her while she painted. She glanced over her shoulder to see an audience of stray cats sitting in the amphitheatre seats watching her.

Photo caption: Set of the Nutcracker. Because another production was using the theatre up to the night before, she had to paint these huge canvases outside. The canvases were massive and Leslie had lots of challenges in trying to paint them ... it snowed on her, rained, deer and dog ran across it while the paint was still wet, buckets of paint rolled down the hill splilling on the canvas as they went, she rolled down the hill acouple of times, the first canvas wouldn't hold the paint so she had to start over, etc. But she persevered and got it done. The yellow/orange wall/window was from the previous year ... she had just one day (less than 7 hours) to paint it. Then, like most theatre sets, it was painted over for the next production. This year's backdrop will be reused.

"I paint for my mental health. It is a lot cheaper than seeing a therapist, and a lot more fun." Sarah Jane Conklin

Photo caption: Theatre at elementary school made out of flat cardboard framed in 2x4 supports. Leslie was asked to paint it to look like a cave.

"Art therapy is all about the moment, all about the process, all about happiness. Getting lost in the work is the ultimate beauty of what we do." ~Valerie Kent

Photo caption: The Wizard of Oz set at the Volcano outdoor theatre. The three panels in the middle turned to reveal three different scenes while the eight side panels remained constant. The witch disappeared into the gargoyle throne which turned to reveal Dorothy's house during other scenes. Leslie single-handedly painted this entire set including the floor. A family of foxes living near the stage played and yapped while Leslie painted.

As you can see from her other pages on this site, Leslie has discovered she has a knack for painting the human canvas as well. Face painting has become another creative outlet for her and she is becoming quite well known for it. She face paints at festivals, events and parties when she's not teaching art or painting works of art. 


Leslie is a member of the Amador Artists Association and the Amador County Arts Council and part of the Arts in Education Coalition.

Photo caption: More shots of the Wizard of Oz set. The Volcano Theatre is a beautiful, historical theatre. During the Gold Rush, it was used by the miners for entertainment. The town of Volcano once boomed with 5,000 miners but only 25 eligible women. It's rich with history.

Did you know Leslie was in a movie?
Leslie appeared briefly in her brother's film. The movie is loosely based on his life and art. or or see the trailer at Although not shown in the trailer, Leslie's appearance comes at the end of the film during a "wedding" scene. She stands next to her husband in the film. Her husband Dave wrote and recorded some of the music in the movie. Her mother wrote the film score with help from Darrell Dragon (aka "The Captain" of The Captain & Tennille).

To purchase a painting go to Click here.

Contact Leslie to inquire about purchasing one of her paintings,

or to commission her to paint your pet, portrait or mural,

or hire her as a public speaker, to do a demonstration, or a performance art piece, or visit your school or teach your group,

or hire her to face paint at an event or party or classroom,

or hire her to be a living statue …

Call Leslie Vasquez on her cell phone 775-303-5844 or email or on Facebook (she's the one kayaking with her toddler) or Gmail.

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