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Face Painting

"I've learned from the best!" ~ Leslie Vasquez with Dutch (aka. television series Skin Wars), Mark Reid, Annie Reynolds (photo bomb Rich Diltz), Matteo Arfanotti (who painted the photo bomber), Nick Wolfe, Andrea O'Donnell, Shawna Del Real, Ronnie Mena, Marianne Bartley, Lilly Walters, 

Magically transform any occasion into fun you won't soon forget. An easy, simple way to make any party special. Let Leslie bring the "magic" that makes your guests spellbound and puts them into creative play mode. She's a "REAL" artist. She's professional and her face painting makes a party FUN! FUN! FUN!

  • Birthday parties:   Frozen parties   Princess parties   Pirate parties   Any theme or None - anything goes
  • Family reunions   Weddings   Baby Showers   Bachelorette Parties    Girls Night Outs    Company Picnics
  • Corporate events:  Corporate parties  Grand Openings  Open Houses  Trade Shows  Expos   Award Nights

         From vibrant glitter creations to edgy tribal designs, you'll WOW! your friends of all ages.

"Watching their faces light up when they look in the mirror is just the BEST!" said Leslie, who is also a mother of two. "Those moments feed my soul and warm me from inside."

 Time - depends on the designs chosen, number of colors, and the size. 

    Quick designs (10-20 faces per hour, maybe more. She once did 32 faces in less than 20 minutes.) 
    1/2 face designs (8 - 15 faces per hour)
    Intricate full-face designs (5-10 faces per hour) ... and anything in between. 

Leslie can paint more children with a pre-planned design or by limiting the options. That said, quality is important to her and she wants to give each child the best of her talents which sometimes means taking the time to add the details, glitter and bling. Feel free to chat with her about how many children she can paint based on your choice of designs. 

For the most popular designs she has a quick one, a medium, and a detailed version to meet your needs and please your guests.

It's not just for kids any more. Teens and adults love Leslie's more sophisticated designs.

Pricing - Leslie can work within your budget. Free Quotes.

Prices vary depending on your needs so call for a quote. Private parties are usually less expensive because there's less children. Festivals and corporate events have different prices based on the location of each event, the estimate of people expected to be painted and the designs chosen. 

Will there be just a few faces (8-10)? Will there be a lot of faces (hundreds)? Just a few designs or unlimited? Fast, easy designs or intricate and highly detailed ones? Whimsicle kids designs, glam/cutting-edge teen, sophisticated adult or company logos? Quotes are free.

Prices for parties in Amador County usually range from $75 to $100 per hour but could be more (or occasionally less) so call to find out. Sometimes a local business will sponsor her at an event if there are enough attendees to make it worth their while. Leslie will occasionally trade services (for $100 worth of home made tamales, or Native American food, Native jewelry, televised publicity, advertising space, etc.)

Special prices for fundraisers depending on circumstances so inquire. 

A deposit of 50% (or $50) will assure availability. Refunds if cancel with 14 days advanced notice.

Accepts Credit Cards.

Call now (775) 303-5844 or email 

Theme? Special requests? No problem!

Leslie can match your theme, limit designs, or let your guests decide. 
She's a parent volunteer in public school classrooms so she understands certain designs are sometimes not appropriate. For instance, no gore or images of weapons allowed on campus? No problem, Leslie will offer only pre-approved designs. If skulls are against your religion, no problem, just let her know in advance. She has plenty of other designs to offer instead and still please your guests.

Leslie comes fully prepared with all the supplies so you just sit back and watch the magic happen.

Whether at your home or at a park, Leslie comes to you. She can set up on your coffee table, counter, or dining room table or bring her own table and chairs. She can even bring a pop-up tent if needed.

Often parents will sit down to be painted too so if the party is for children, unless you want to pay her for 3-4 hours, she can ask adults to wait until the children have their turn and if she runs out of time she can charge adults per face so you are not stuck with the bill for more hours then agreed upon. 

A non-smoker, Leslie uses only professional quality, FDA-approved cosmetic makeup and glitter specifically designed for the face and body. Sensitive skin? Leslie carries a few colors with no preservatives for those with sensitive skin and she can do a skin test.

Fully fingerprinted and screened for tuberculosis, cleared and approved for school visits.


  • School visits:   Classroom demonstrations   School Carnivals   Scouting Events   Ballgames
  • Ballet recitals   Little League Games   Sporting events
  • Theatre Makeup  
  • Anniversary Parties  
  • Retirement Parties
  • Church events
What sets Leslie apart from other face painters?

"She's a real artist!" 
"It's like magic" 
"Wow! Best face painter I've ever seen"
"It's like a valuable masterpiece walking around!"

And yet she's humble, friendly and comfortable to be around. Customers often comment on how they are drawn to Leslie. She is nurturing and friendly and all inclusive. They are impressed by the quality of her work and the speed in which she accomplishes it.  

Event organizers appreciate her professionalism and flexibility. Vendors appreciate her friendliness and ability to draw a crowd. Parents appreciate how she checks with them if the child asks for something pricey or wants extra gore.

No matter what your event is, Leslie is easy-going, friendly and the life of the party. She brings the fun! 
Call 775-303-5844.


      Bling! Parties
- Leslie creates bling clusters ahead of time to add 3-dimentional jewels to your design.

      Dances/POOL Parties - Yes!
That's right! Leslie now has "water-resistant/sweat-resistant" face and body paints for those pool parties and/or music concerts so you can party, swim and dance with your face paints on. 

Ask about ... Glitter tattoos which can last 1-2 weeks and are perfect for pool parties since they're waterproof. They're all the rage. Inquire if interested.

     Black Light Parties 
- Leslie's new FDA-approved Neon face paints have arrived (very cool glow under the black lights). FUN! FUN! FUN!

     Costumes - Want a princess, fairy, pirate, or dragon to visit? For an additional fee, Leslie can arrive in costume. Would you like her to be a butterfly, Queen, or witch? She will consider any appropriate request ... even Mike Wysowski (from Monster's Inc.).
For more photos of costumes click here

       Art Activity - Leslie can bring all the art materials needed to lead kids through an art project which then becomes their "take home" item. Leslie has taught classrooms of children how to face paint each other. She has also taught watercolor painting in the classroom hosted by the Amador Arts Council. Hire Leslie to create an activity specific to your theme.

    Performance Art - It's back in style thanks to recent performers on America's Got Talent and Skin Wars. Let Leslie create a performance that'll leave your guests awestruck and inspired.

      Living Statue - Living Water Fountain - Planning a large corporate awards ceremony, fashion show, or need something to draw a crowd to your booth at a Trade Show? Hire Leslie to be a Living Statue or Fountain with water flowing from her fingertips. Inquire for costume designs and colors (marble, gold, bronze, etc.)
Click on photo for more information ...

    Storytelling Performance - this is not reading. This is a theatrical performance in traditional storytelling form incorporating the audience's reactions. It mesmerizes audiences young and old. Sometimes funny, sometimes musical, sometimes with a message. Always entertaining. Leslie has stories (both traditional and original) for all age levels to go with any theme. She will discuss options with you ahead of time so you get the type of story you are hoping for. 

She has performed stories in schools teaching history, Wilderness ethics, science and other topics and has performed a variety of stories purely for entertainment before large audiences at 50th anniversary parties, in theatres (like Volcano Theatre and larger), and before groups at National conferences.

    Caricatures - are a fun party entertainment option. High Fashion Caricatures for elegant parties or weddings as well as the traditional cartoon caricatures you've seen at street fairs.
Click these photos to see more about Caricature options available.

Click on Party Ideas in column on left for party ideas.

Get your game face on before the big game or great for fans and cheer squads. Team mascots too. And Theatre Makeup.


Other Events

  • Carnivals  Festivals  County & State Fairs
  • Mardi Gras  Fiestas
  • X-games  
  • Theatre makeup
  • Pregnant belly painting
  • Halloween
  • Sporting events
  • Company branding - logos at Trade Shows
  • First 5 events
  • Movie effects
Also available for photo shoots. Painted faces make great Christmas cards.


    Child Portraits & Murals - Capture these fleeting years - immortalize your child by commissioning Leslie to paint your child's portrait. She works in oil, acrylic and watercolor and she can also paint your pet's portrait or a mural on your wall or in your nursery or child's room. See "Art & Murals" page for more information. See her Fine Art and Mural page here

Gift Certificates now available. Give the gift of a face painter at their next party or event or big game.

    Candy-gram / Face painting gram - 
Are you local? Have someone hard to buy for? Hire Leslie to come to their place of work or to wherever they are to paint their face whether that be sophisticated, tribal, sports logos or whimsical like a Queen, Fairy or Rockstar. Great for both adults and kids.

   Holiday reunion - Are relatives arriving for the holidays? Need to get distant cousins re-aquainted? Only a few kids coming? Face painting starts the fun and serves to relax and inspire little minds into spontaneous play especially with kids they don't know. Leslie has a reduced rate for a half-hour drop-in visit during holiday times. Not available to all locations. Call to inquire.

     Tradition - Make it a tradition by hiring Leslie to face paint at your party every year. Take photographs and create an album with all the birthdays to give to your child when he/she leaves for college. Discounts available to repeat customers if book Leslie on a regular basis, more than twice a year.

    FREE Face Painting? Sometimes! Occasionally businesses hire her to paint your faces for free. To find out more Facebook "friend" her or BETTER YET get on her mailing list and you'll get invited to her events. Simply email or call and give her your email or text #. 

Leslie usually paints faces for free at the Rancheria's Holiday Bazaar in December, 49er Days in Sept. and Lumberjack Days in Oct., holiday open houses, and several events throughout the year thanks to sponsors like the Jackson Rancheria, Davenport Properties and Petroglyph Gallery. To find out when, get on her mailing list to receive invites. Call 775-303-5844 or email leslie@leslievasquez.net.

With so many options, call now to discuss it or to book L
eslie at your next party 775-303-5844 or email leslie@leslievasquez.net.


Amador County  Jackson  Sutter Creek  Ione  Plymouth  Pioneer  Pine Grove  Volcano  Westpoint  Mok Hill

Folsom, El Dorado Hills, Apple Hill 

Sacramento, Lodi, Galt, 

Calaveras County 

SF Bay Area and beyond 

Lake Tahoe, Carson City, Reno, and beyond

If you are outside these areas, call to check on availability.


Need a Face Painter outside of my area?
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