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Teaching Classes
Teaching Classes

Whether you are seeking a performance style class, a paint-with-me class, or an expanded demonstration, Leslie can provide exactly what you need and cater it to your curriculum or age level.

If you want the students to paint along with Leslie, look for classes labeled "workshops." These are typically slower paced. If you're looking for faster-paced, in-depth information, look for classes labeled "demonstrations." Classes labeled "performance" typically teach with a strong emphasis on entertainment so often bypass conscious learning.

List of Programs:

Story-Art Performance - Leslie tells a story while painting a scene specific to that story.

Watercolor or Acrylic Workshop - Students learn techniques and work on a painting. Leslie can provide paints, brushes, and paper.

Oil Painting Demonstrations
 - Leslie paints a picture to demonstrate techniques while discussing seeing with "the artist's eye," visual dimension, science, the benefits of doing art, self esteem, etc. A motivational and inspiring discourse.

Learn to Paint Animals Workshop
 - Using watercolors or acrylic, the class will learn to paint an animal. Includes information about the animal, the habitat, nature, and science. 
 (Can also do this one as a demonstration in oil.)

Learn One Aspect
 - Want something more in depth? Just color? Or just clouds? Trees, water, or composition?Or how about one style (abstract, expressionism, realism, etc.)? Do you struggle with brush techniques? You name it -- she'll create an in-depth lesson catering to your choice. What do you (or your students) most want to learn?

Literary Art Workshop
 - Class will paint a scene from a book popular to that age group.

Historical Art, Then and Now Workshop
 - Class will paint a local site from history while learning the significance, the people, and compare to now.

The Art of Science and Nature
 - Exploring nature with an artistic eye, integrates science and art, and includes things like perspective, wildlife, habitat, watersheds, caverns, etc. and how scientists use art in their work.

The Magic of Face Paint Theatre
 - A performance by Leslie with hands and sides of face painted as the characters. Or she can paint students faces to become the actors.

Living Art
 - Leslie can arrive in full face paint costume as a Van Gogh painting or the Mona Lisa or as a Picasso or other artistic work to discuss the artist's style and lead the students in trying that artist's techniques while incorporating stories from that artist's life.

Wilderness Ethics Art - Leslie is a certified Leave No Trace Trainer but this is an art lesson which encourages Leave No Trace ethics of outdoor travel and teaches students why it's important to keep watersheds and habitats clean of our waste and how to tread lightly. You are paying for the art lesson, she throws LNT in there at no cost.  

- Leslie can paint a mural while telling a story in performance or she can work with kids to create their own mural.
Theatre - Painting the Set - Teaches kids how to paint the set of a theatrical production including how to make things seem to disappear, color choice given the lighting equipment, realism vs. fantasy, etc. Leslie pulls from her experience painting sets for the Volcano Theatre Group for this one.
Theatre Workshop - The magic of Facepaint Theatre - kids are face painted to become the actors in a performance.
Intro to Face Painting - Students learn to paint themselves or each other.
Storytelling Performance - Whether about a historical figure, time, or place or a fictional story Leslie has an extensive library of stories to choose from.
Writing - Promoting yourself and Your Passions - An introduction to writing for the internet, Youtube, television, radio and newspapers to promote your artistic endeavors or after-school activities and sports. Includes the basics of good writing as well as creative exploration of how to show yourself or your event in the best light to attract an audience. For the younger audiences this becomes more of a performance about why it's important to learn to read and write well, for the older audiences Leslie adds a "how to." (She can also lead poetry and creative writing workshops.)
Jobs in Art - a discussion of how to make money with artistic talents and how to use art in other fields.

Do these ideas spark an idea in you?
 ... talk to Leslie to bring it to life for your students. She loves collaborating to bring a truly unique and individual performance that will meet your needs and your students'.

To bring more art into the schools, Leslie is willing to leave her piece to be raffled off or auctioned off at a school function with all proceeds used to bring her back (or another artist back) another day.

Contact Person: Leslie Vasquez
Pine Grove, CA (Amador County)
Telephone: cell 775.303.5844
Grade Levels : K-12
Time Needed: 30 to 60 minutes, custom fit to your schedule
Facilities: Classroom, multi-purpose room, or outside (weather permitting)
Supplies: depends on program chosen (see above)
Number of Students: 1 class (max is 35 but less is better)
Fees depend on program chosen: If it's just art or just story then $50 per class program (whether that be 30, 45, or 60 minutes), if it's a combination (like art & story, art & history, art & science, story & science, or a combo of any 3) then it's $75 per class program because the prep time, research, and cleanup time goes up.
In-Service Workshops available: Want to get kids to focus in class? Art can lead you there. Want to engage kids who may be struggling in (or out) of the classroom? Art can lead you there too. In this workshop you'll learn why and more importantly how to employ art to give all kids a step up even those not pursuing it as a career. This class teaches how to use art to engage both sides of the brain, how and why you should do art yourself, and how to bring that artistic side out in children to apply it to the logic side. With the information Leslie provides, you can employ the child's art brain to solve the problems their logic brain may be struggling with.
Also, if you know of a teacher or principal who is skeptical about bringing art into the classrooms, Leslie is the one you want. Leslie frequently speaks on the left and right brain functions and how bolstering both (not just one and then the other) is the ideal to aim for in all students. She has turned art skeptics into art promoters.

Photo caption: Commissioned to tell the story of "Stoneface" accompanied by guitarist and drumers. For this project she inteviewed the man's friends and family members and then wrote and performed a "true" story based on the life of a real person. He wanted it to be both humorous and accurate as it was performed at his 50th Wedding Annniversary Party to 200 of his close friends and relatives. He wanted her to wear some of his ceremonial items. After the performance he gifted some of it to her because he was so moved by her story of his life.
Photo caption: Commissioned to tell the story of "Stoneface" accompanied by guitarist and drummers ... also an accomplished artist, she drew the man's face on the stone to help tell the story which was a tribute to the man and his wife. 

“My friends, let us give our souls to our cause, let us work with our heart, and truly love what we love.”  ~ Vincent Van Gogh

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